Exceptional harvest for BNP Paribas at the “Global Transportation Finance Awards 2018


Exceptional harvest for BNP Paribas at the “Global Transportation Finance Awards 2018

08 Apr, 2019

BNP Paribas distinguished as "Aviation Finance House of the Year" and for the "Shipping Green Loan of the Year", as well as 10 other major Awards.

Global Transport Finance revealed the winners of the GTF 2018 Awards in London on 31 January 2019.

This annual ceremony rewards outstanding commitments and support to global transportation finance, as well as the most significant deals for airlines and airports, rail and shipping companies.
This year's exceptional harvest of awards recognises BNP Paribas' commitment to innovation and unmatched ability to advise and lead transactions across the whole transportation sector, on a global basis.

On that occasion, BNP Paribas reached the top spot in Aviation Finance with the award of the global title of "Aviation Finance House of the Year". Our global reach together with our passion for innovation brought us 5 other awards in Aviation Finance listed below.  

Notably too, receiving the award of "Shipping Green Deal of the Year – MSC Scrubbers" demonstrates our commitment to innovate and develop sustainable finance whenever we can, whilst helping our clients reach their targets in emission reductions.

Overall, BNP Paribas won all following awards, raising high the flag of BNP Paribas, aligning our activities across origination, structuring and syndicate towards a greater distribution focus in all asset classes:
  • Aviation Finance House of the Year
  • Royal Air Maroc: AFIC French Lease of the Year
  • EL Al: Jolco Financing Deal of the Year - Asia
  • Vermillion Aviation Holdings: Aircraft Finance Debt Deal of the Year - Asia
  • CDB Aviation: Aircraft Portfolio Finance Deal of the Year - Asia
  • Vx Capital Partners: Cargo Aircraft ABS Deal of the Year
  • MSC Scrubber: Shipping Green Deal of the Year
  • Syndicated loan for Pacific Basin: Shipping Finance Debt Deal of the Year - Asia
  • Intuition 1 et 2: CruiseShip Finance of the Year 
  • Porterbrook: Rail Lessor Refinance Deal of the Year
  • Refinance  of Save Group Acquisition: Airport Finance Acquisition Deal of the Year 
  • ADP Capital Raise: Airport Finance Deal of the Year
These Awards are a great recognition of the importance of BNP Paribas places on financing products with teams working globally to serve the international financing needs of clients. 

About GTF
Global Transport Finance (GTF) is the new transportation finance publication for the commercial aviation, shipping and rail industries. Launched in October 2012, GTF reports on the latest developments in aircraft, shipping and rail financing / leasing. GTF daily news and magazine includes the following topics:
- Business intelligence on the major deals
- Financing and structure of deals
Orders and privatisation information
- Changes in regulatory environments, developments in taxation and actions by IATA and the WTO
- Debt and equity information
François Artignan
Head of Asset & Export Finance, BNP Paribas
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