Digitization of the client experience

09 Jan, 2017

Customs are changing faster than ever, the situations in which we are mobile are evolving, tools and devices are constantly developing and becoming connected... Arval is a recognized European expert in long term vehicle leasing. It offers innovative and interactive services both to fleet managers and to drivers. Mobility is at the heart of these new customs. Confronted to a strong environmental pressure combined with a challenging economical and financial context, the expectations of car users in ever more congested cities are evolving.

From car to mobility and from possession to use

In the near future we will certainly be brought to use multiple alternative means of transportation in substitution to the car such as walking, bikes, public transport, carpooling, carsharing, car borrowing, car renting between individuals, and even home office... Using multiple means is facilitated by the use of smartphones. Just as new companies like Blablacar, Koolicar or OuiCar have done, established companies will need to offer turnkey mobility services where the car is just one of the possible answers to the transportation needs. Fleet managers within companies are now in charge of complex and strategic topics such as tax and regulations. They are also challenged by the technological evolution of vehicles, the management of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of their fleet and the quality of the service for the drivers.

Driven by this analysis, Arval - a subsidiary company of BNP Paribas specialized in long-term vehicle leasing for companies and professionals – offers a range of innovative solutions. Karen Brunot, Marketing Director at Arval France confirms that "digital is core to Arval's initiative to bring true added-value services at all steps of the client relation".

With the "Arval Smart Experience" program the objective is to increase the proximity and interactivity between the leasing company and its clients from the fleet manager to the driver by integrating connected tools (smartphones and tablet computers) and embedded tools (real time data management), while using social networks to increase engagement with the client.

Arval does not see its client relationship as a basic B2B relation between Arval and the company, but more as a B2B2C interaction between Arval, the Fleet manager and the Driver on the one hand and between Arval and the Driver on the other hand.

By digitalizing their journeys in a global and customized way, Arval enables fleet managers and drivers to access at any time the key indicators and information about their vehicles. The objective is to give even more flexibility and autonomy to their clients.
"Digital is core to Arval's initiative to bring true added-value services at all steps of the client relation"

Innovative and tailor-made solutions for fleet managers

Thanks to a customized platform called Arval Connect, fleet managers get a global view on the performance indicators of their fleet as well as news and advise... Recently the digital transformation went a step further with the launch of Arval Active Link, an integrated solution of on-board telematics that processes automatically and in real time the vehicle's data. This solution captures a large amount of data about the use of the vehicle in the respect of private life. In this way the fleet manager can proactively monitor the fleet, which helps optimize the TCO and increase the driver's security is increased thanks to the collected data. To further improve the services offered to its clients, Arval has also created a community platform called, My Arval Community, dedicated to professional users where they can converse and share information amongst peers. On My Arval Community they share their feedback and interests and thus the platform becomes a lab for the Arval teams that can analyze client feedback and make recommended ideas emerge. All the operational teams are involved in this virtuous circle to adjust, co-create new solutions and remain close to clients' expectations.

Following the logic of shared intelligence, Arval provides fleet managers with training modules to help them remain up to date on business issues and key drivers for improving performance of their fleet. Via e-training, they are more confident when choosing the solutions that are best adapted to their situation.

A full commitment to drivers

Arval has developed a full range of services dedicated to drivers, aimed at improving their security and facilitating their daily life. In this regards, Mobile + offers useful information that should also help improve people's driving habits. A "serious game" called Arval

Drive Challenge completes this offer. The app helps the driver measure and improve his/her behavior on the road. Following the same logic, Arval has recently got up to speed on the shared mobility topic with a carsharing solution for companies. With the simple use of his/her smartphone the driver will be able to access all these services including to open and close his/her car. For the fleet manager, this solution will be useful to optimize the use ratio of the fleet. All these initiatives are sustained by Arval's presence on social networks with news feeds about its activity and content in relation with the automotive world. According to Karen Brunot, "to create links with our clients we need to be present on the platforms and networks where they are browsing: Arval successfully animates a community of 57,000 fans (across all social networks) and is about to reach 500,000 YouTube views."

The digitization of the client experience at Arval was only made possible thanks to the commitment of its employees to go beyond the traditional internal work silos. "Account teams" were put in place to manage collaboratively the client needs should they be commercial, administrative, or technical in order to improve the customer journey and efficiently meet his/her needs. Karen Brunot is convinced that "every member of the "Account team" – situated close to each other – participates to improving client service while learning a new and more agile type of organization".

Marketing Director at BNP Paribas Arval France
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