The Boson Project
Marianne’s first experiences were in the cultural sector before joining the Mazars group, where she coordinated the communication activities in 70 countries and developed the policy of parity. Today, Marianne reflects with The Boson Project on the forms of tomorrow’s business. She leads several projects of companies’ bottom-up transformation and draws topics to explore from her missions and exchanges with collaborators. After the collaboration with BNP Paribas for La Grande InvaZion (The Great InvaZion)- survey of the aspirations of the generation Z, and La Boite à Rêves (The Box of Dreams)- survey of the levers of engagement of the French, Marianne worked on the portrait of the HRD of tomorrow and regularly intervenes on these topics.
03 Jul 2018
From the Art of Management to Art for management

From the Art of Management to Art for management

Giving new meaning to the art of leadership. The leader of tomorrow - a hybrid being, part thinker and part doer.